What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics “GA” is a free tool offered by Google. It provide great insight about the visitors to your site. Are they a first-time or repeat visitor? Which pages did they visit? How long did they stay on each page? Are they using a desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone?
It offers comprehensive statistical analyses that help to plan the future of a budding business.

Google Аnalytics can be used to track information concerning the way visitors to your website interact with it. During a SEO campaign, you’ll need to utilize Google Analytics in the tracking of keywords performance so as to have a triumphant campaign. You’ll be in a position to know the amount of traffic each of these keywords draws into your site. Google Аnalytics opens up as world of information you possibly wasn’t aware about your site’s visitors.

Advantages of Google Analytics

  • It’s fully free
  • Able to recognize the pages and links that your visitors click the most
  • Able to determine the way in which your guests locate your site
  • In a position to fine-tune your website.

With the analytic report you’ll be in a position to fine-tune your site, and make a fresh copywriting on any web page that isn’t converting well.