Personal website

Your Personal website is your own address on the internet. Once a domain name (website name) has been registered with a host server, construction begins. If your company’s name was The Delta Corporation, you could register your domain as This would then become your de facto home page for your website.

A website’s home page lets visitors know what the site is about and gives them options to visit other pages on the site. A unique image of your company along with a brief introduction is standard among home page designs. The title and tagline of your home page are extremely important as these are the keywords that define your site to search engines such as Google. Tabs that link to other pages on your site can run along the top, bottom, or in the margins depending on the design. Pages such as: Contact Us, Privacy Policy, and About Us are common to most sites as well as what products or services a company may offer. Article and blog pages have also become common in the last several years.
These are some standard features that most sites share in common. The beauty of having your own individual website though, is the fact that you can make it appear any way you choose to.